DVDO Duo Auto-Calibrate Bundle

The Total Auto-calibration Solution

Comprehensive video calibration has never been so easy. With this package, all you have to do is setup a few initial options and then click a button and in less than 10 minutes your display will be full calibrated to professional standards. This package includes:

  • DVDO iScan Duo Video Processor
  • ChromaPure Standard w/Auto-Calibrate
  • X-Rite Display 3 PRO colorimeter
  • USB-RS232 adapter

The DVDO iScan Duo video processor is—like the Radiance Mini3D—a revolutionary product, a true game changer. Here's why. Until now there was always one weak link in the chain of video calibration. If your display lacked the proper set of calibration controls, it simply didn't matter if you had an extremely accurate meter and the world's greatest software. Without the means to adjust the image, you could not improve the display regardless of the calibration equipment you used.

The only solution to this problem was an external device that provided the necessary adjustments that you could place in between the source material (broadcast, DVD, or Blu-ray) and the display. Unfortunately, there were very few such devices available. There is a full-featured video processor that did the job, but it was enormously expensive, in all likelihood more expensive than the display you were trying to calibrate. There were also more affordable PC-based solutions, but these devices lacked a robust feature set and required adding a computer to your home entertainment system. The Duo changes all of this. For a full review of the Duo, see our recent New Gear article.

It is first and foremost a full-featured video processor designed from the ground up as an user-friendly adjunct to a quality home theater installation. It offers the following:

  • numerous inputs (analog and digital)
  • transcoding of analog inputs into digital outputs
  • world-class scaling and deinterlacing for standard and high definition sources
  • noise reduction
  • detail enhancement
  • aspect ratio control
  • selectable output format, including up to 1080p
  • user-friendly remote control with on-screen display

With all of these features, the Duo provides much of what you get from a high-end home theater receiver without the amplification digital sound decoding. However, what makes the Duo truly special is the full set of video calibration controls it also offers. These include

  • Comprehensive set of video test patterns all automatically controlled by ChromaPure—just click measure in ChromaPure and the Duo will automatically provide the necessary test pattern.
  • Grayscale/Gamma adjustments in 10% increments
  • Full 3D color management, offering adjustments to the brightness, hue, and saturation of all of the primary and secondary colors

So how is the Duo different from the Mini3D? Well, in many ways not very different at all. They both provide world-class video processing and calibration controls. There are a few differences. The Duo provides numerous digital and analog inputs so installations are somewhat more flexible. It also offers a simpler and more attractive user-interface. However, the Duo lacks the power of the Mini3D. The Duo has fewer test patterns, only offers grayscale/gamma adjustments at 10% increments, and it only passes 3D through. It will not generate 3D test patterns.

Add to this ChromaPure video calibration software with the auto-calibrate add-on and a high quality color analyzer, such as the Display 3 PRO and you have the ability to achieve professional-quality results with no training or expertise in video calibration. The package of tools does all the work for you.


The Duo provides test patterns and calibration controls, ChromaPure's auto-calibrate directs the Duo by telling it what to adjust and by how much, and the Display 3 colorimeter provides real-time information from your display—projector or flat panel. That's all you need to achieve a nearly perfect calibration in just a few minutes.

What's Included?

Each package contains:

  • DVDO iScan Duo Video Processor
  • ChromaPure Standard w/Auto-Calibrate
  • X-Rite Display 3 PRO colorimeter
  • A Fully Tested USB-RS232 Adapter


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