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ChromaPure Products

We offer the ChromaPure calibration software and a selection of color analyzers.

You may purchase the software bundled with one or more of the color analyzers. For those who already own a supported meter you may purchase the software only.

The software includes a license for one supported meter of your choice. The meters are NOT password protected or altered in any way, so they may be used with other products.

Current product lineup

ChromaPure Standard Software Only (customer supplies their own color analyzer)

ChromaPure Plus (This is the same as ChromaPure Standard, except it adds support for the AccuPel family of video test pattern generators)

Accupel Video Test Pattern Generator (A reference quality external video generator with 2D/3D and motion test patterns).

Auto-Calibrate (An optional add-on to ChromaPure Standard. It comes free with ChromaPure Professional)

Advanced Auto-Calibrate (An optional add-on to ChromaPure Standard and Professional. Paired with a Lumagen processor, this allows the user to automatically calibrate 124 colors throughout the gamut)

ChromaPure Professional Software

ChromaPure Standard Software bundled with

    X-Rite Display 3 PRO Colorimeter

    X-Rite Display 3 Colorimeter

    X-Rite i1Pro spectrophotometer

ChromaPure Professional bundled with

    JETI Reference Spectroradiometers

    X-Rite Display 3 PRO Colorimeter

    X-Rite Display 3 PRO Colorimeter/AccuPel Deluxe Video Test Pattern Generator

    X-Rite Display 3 Colorimeter/i1Pro 2 Spectrophotometer


We also currently support, but do not sell, several other color analyzers.

* This is the same as the Sencore ColorPro V