Advanced LUT Auto-Calibration for the Lumagen

This product allows anyone with little or no training in video technology to fully calibrate their display with almost no user input. Just setup a few simple options, click Auto-Calibrate, and then just go have a cup of coffee while the process completes, usually in less than 15 minutes. Take a look at a demo showing how Auto-Calibrate works.

This feature is an optional add-on to ChromaPure Standard, and it works in conjunction only with a Lumagen Radiance external video processor. The processor acts as both a test pattern signal generator and calibration device. The Auto-Calibrate software controls the processor and the color analyzer to get the most out of your display. It will even generate a before and after calibration report for you.

What makes this "Advanced"?

Our auto-calibration tool is advanced because it color calibrates not just at the gamut boundary, but throughout the entire color space measuring and correcting 124, 728, or 4912 colors, depending on which Lumagen processor you own. This revolutionary ability is made possible by a recent advancement made by the Lumagen family of video processors. It uses what is called an LUT, which stands for look-up table. It idea is that the processor identifies a series of points scattered evenly throughout the gamut. The precise location of those points depends upon the selected gamut. ChromaPure's auto-calibration engine measures each of those points. This creates a table of target points and measured points. Then ChromaPure's color correction algorithm transmits a specific correction for each of the points to the Lumagen, the result being that each of the points are adjusted to match the correct location.

The 4K UHD Option

You can now even perform a 3D LUT calibration in 4K (3840 x 2160). The software is the same, but performing this calibration in 4K requires considerably more powerful hardware. Lumagen is now shipping their PRO line of Radiance video processors, which offer both inputs and outputs at full UHD 4K resolution.



Adanced Auto-Calibrate will adjust the display's grayscale, gamma response, and color gamut to within industry standards, just as the standard auto-calibrate add-on. In addition, it will calibrate 124, 728, and 4913 colors distributed throughout the gamut achieveing unparalled color accuracy.

125, 729, and 4913 are available. However one of these colors is black, which is not calibrated.

Advanced Auto-Calibration Requirements

  • PC or laptop running Microsoft Windows 7, 8/8.1, or 10 and the latest version of ChromaPure software
  • A supported meter (We strongly recommend a fast meter and accurate meter, such as the Display 3 PRO, Colorimetry Research CR-100, or Klein K-10a).
  • Lumagen Radiance external video processor with the supporting firmware installed connected to the PC via a RS232 serial connection. Most modern PCs will require a USB-RS232 adaptor. The Lumagen XD, XS, and Mini support 125-point calibration only. The Lumagen 2020 supports 728-point calibration only. The remaining models in the 20xx and 21xx series support up to 4913-point calibration.


Already own ChromaPure, a supported meter, and a Lumagen

ChromaPure Advanced Auto-Calibrate Add-on
Once you purchase this option, we will send you an update to your license file that enables the option in ChromaPure 2.3 or higher.

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Already own ChromaPure, a supported meter, standard auto-calibrate, and a Lumagen

ChromaPure Advanced Auto-Calibrate Add-on

Once you purchase this option, we will send you an update to your license file that enables the option in ChromaPure 2.3 or higher.

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Already own a Lumagen and a supported color analyzer

ChromaPure software with Advanced Auto-Calibrate Add-on

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Already own a Lumagen

ChromaPure software, Advanced Auto-calibrate Add-on, and the Display 3 PRO colorimeter

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Need to to start from scratch?

Just order the $798 option above and one of the Lumagen Radiance Processors. Or just order a Lumagen Radiance PRO processor, which includes everything you need.

4K Lumagen Radiance PRO Bundles
ChromaPure advanced auto-calibrate software and the Display 3 PRO colorimeter are included in the Radiance PRO prices.

ChromaPure Professional users are entitled to standard Auto-Calibrate free of charge. You can add the Advanced Auto-Calibrate option for $79. If you are a Professional user and do not have auto-cal, just contact user support for a license upgrade.